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Three 50-ft diameter stone shikhars (domes) hand-carved with depictions of Krishna’s pastimes, rise more than 100 ft. above the 25,000-sq-ft temple.
The building, blending Gujarat Sompura, and Rajasthani Khamira architectural styles, sits on four acres and features one of the largest temple rooms in India.
The 12,000-sq-ft hall can accommodate 4,000 people and is home to the Deities of Radha-Govinda, Gaura-Nitai, Sita-Rama-Laksman-Hamuman, Sri Nathji, Jagannath Baldev Subhadraji, as well as murti forms of Srila Prabhupada and Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati.
Decorations include ornate stone-clad pillars, marble flooring engraved with colored granite designs, windows intricately carved in Rajastani Mewas style, and Khemira and Araish decorated ceilings.


Mangala Aarti 4:30 AM
Tulasi Aarti 5:00 AM
Shringar Dharshan & Guru Pooja 7:15 AM
Srimad Bhagavatam Class 8:00 AM
Dhoop Aarti 8:30 AM
Raj Bhoga Aarti 12:30 Noon
Temple Closes 12:45 PM
Pushpa Aarti 4:00 PM
Sandhya Aarti 7:00 PM
Bhagavad Gita Class 7:30 PM



Located on eight acres of land on the Iskcon Ahmedabad farm house, the Radha Govinda Goshala has been protecting cows and bulls since 1999.

The cows and bulls live peacefully the full duration of their lives. Bulls are trained to work at an early age and assist in agricultural production by plowing fields and pulling carts.

The calves drink milk from their mothers till they reach the age of seven to ten months to ensure good health. The cows are always milked by hand. The cows and bulls eat only natural grasses, grains and suitable vegetables.

The Goshala supplies milk to the temple Deity Department and the Other departments of temple.







The Vedic Treasure House

The books written by Srila Prabhupada give the essence of the entire Vedic knowledge in an easy to understand and practical form. These books are highly respected by the academic community for their authority, depth and serve as standard textbooks in numerous college courses. They have been translated into over sixty languages.

Distribution of the Treasure – Sankirtan Department

The Sankirtan Department at ISKCON Ahmedabad has many enthusiastic devotees who distribute Srila Prabhupada’s books all over Ahmedabad.

Devotees go out in severe cold, intense heat and monsoon, just to give out the treasure-house of Vedic knowledge to the suffering souls.

Millions of people have been given a progressive spiritual direction in life by reading Srila Prabhupada’s books.

Gita Jayanti Mahayajna – the entire month of December is dedicated to distributing Bhagavad-gita As It Is throughout India. Thousands of Bhagavad-gitas are sponsored by donors for free or concessional distribution to students, libraries, prisons, etc.




Food for Life program is the largest vegetarian food relief program in the world.

Food for Life (FFL) is food relief program with a difference — the food is sanctified food prasadam, offered first to Lord Krishna, thus providing invaluable spiritual benefit while satisfying the pangs of hunger.

In 1974, A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami, shocked and saddened upon seeing a group of village children in Mayapur (near Kolkata) fighting with street dogs over scraps of food, told his disciples: “No one within ten miles of a temple should go hungry . . . I want you to immediately begin serving food.” Hearkening to the Prabhupada plea, ISKCON devotees around the world were inspired to expand that original effort into a global network of free food kitchens, cafes, vans, and mobile services, establishing daily delivery routes in many large cities around the world.

In 1966, Srila Prabhupada began the famous “Sunday Feasts” at ISKCON’s fledgling Second Avenue storefront in New York. He personally helped cook and serve the feasts. Word of this delicious, free 10-course meal spread quickly and soon was attended by 300-400 people each week.

ISKCON expanded and the Sunday Feast became a weekly event in major cities worldwide. Wherever an ISKCON temple was built, prasad feasts would also take place. Srila Prabhupada often referred to the Hare Krishna movement as the “kitchen religion.” These Sunday Feasts formed the basis for the current Food for Life program.

In the 1970’s, ISKCON expanded its vision of prasad distribution and developed the Food for Life program to target food distribution to the less fortunate. In many cities special food distribution vehicles were purchased and daily delivery routes to low-income areas began. Today, the program distributes tens of thousands of free meals everyday to needy people of St. Petersburg, Durban, Bangalore, London, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and over 100 other cities worldwide.




The Life Membership facility is an opportunity to become part of ISKCON’s family. A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami introduced the Life Membership program in early 70’s and invited citizens of Mumbai and across the world to reside in the temple for a couple of days, attend spiritual programs and receive Krishna conscious association.

Presently more than 50,000 Life Members are part of ISKCON’s family.

To know more about Life Membership program and to become one kindly contact Life Membership Office at: jvd.gkg@iskconahmedabad.com




Govinda’s Restaurant, housed at ISKCON Ahmedabad, is a pure vegetarian restaurant which provides a divine dining experience. Govinda’s not only serves pure vegetarian meals but everything served is first offered to Lord Krishna – thus the meals are not only tasty but truly transcendental. Govinda’s has a seating capacity of 100 guests.

Govinda’s offers Indian, Mexican, Italian, Chinese and Thai cuisines which include tongue tickling starters, exotic rich dishes, varieties of breads, mouth watering sweets and desserts and tempting ice-cream.

Eating at Govinda’s not only satisfies your palate but also elevates your consciousness.

10:30 AM – 9:30 PM


By the mercy of our most beloved Sri Sri Radha Govindadevji, Shrinathji Gopal Ji, Sita Ram Laxman Hanuman, Jagannath Baldev Subhadra and Sri Sri Gaura Nitai our preaching programs took off with an amazing start . We have a team of congregational who are assisting with Nama Hatta, College, Congregation programs and Harinams.

Nama Hatta

We have weekly programs in homes of devotees and guests. Senior devotees generally give the lectures. After arati we have a japa session, ecstatic kirtan and then sumptuous prasadam is distributed. We also distribute books during these programs.

Congregation House Program

This is a very special program and the first ever for our Radha Govinda Dhama. We conduct regular programmes at almost all the areas of Ahmedabad.

“ISKCON Youth Forum”

To harness the youth potential and channelize it for the over all benefit of society, we have been conducting classes for the youth who are very energetic, but are misdirected, confused, suffering and aimless. We have two levels of youth programme. One is junior level and the other is senior level. In addition of these two weekly classes we have been conducting seminars on various important issues by prominent individuals. Through these dynamic youth programmes, many youngsters have discovered the real meaning and purpose of their lives.
Every Wednesday 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm


It was AC Bhaktivedanta Swami’s wish that individuals from all over the world visit Sri Sri Radha Govinda temple and spend a few days to benefit from the spiritual culture prevalent at the temple and cultivate their spiritual life. The Guesthouse at ISKCON temple facilitates guests to attend spiritual program at the temple from 4:30 AM onwards.

The Guesthouse houses 40 comfortable and spacious rooms for visitors and Life Patrons

To help our Guest House to serve you better we suggest you book at least 15 days in advance. Rooms are subject to availability. The Guesthouse is 20 Kilometers from Airport.

Tariff Rates: Occupancy Charges:

Life Members Rs.800/- +GST
Non members RS.2000/- +GST


Terms Conditions:

  1. Please bring your life member cards during your arrival
  2. ID proof of all members who will accommodate are COMPULSORY without which you will not get accommodation, even after your online payment.
  3. No Refund policy
  4. Check-In= 12:00 PM, Check-Out=10:00 AM
  5. No more than 3 ADULTS can stay in a room.
  6. All rooms are double-bedded. Extra bed will be provide at charge.
  7. Following things are prohibited in our guest house: Tea, coffee, onion, garlic, outside food, liquor/alcohol, smoking, tobacco, any intoxication, meat, eggs, fish, gambling. Any breach in this will be fined.
  8. For Bookings kindly contact:
    • Phone: +91-7600068711
    • Email: guesthouse.ahmedabad@pamho.net

Important Note:

1) Please confirm your booking from temple guest house in a mail before proceeding for online payment. Money deposited without prior confirmation from guest house will not assure confirmation of room. Please contact temple guest house for more details.

2) If the Payment is by Bank Deposit, please send a mail with the Bank Deposit details to guesthouse.ahmedabad@pamho.net for confirmation of your payment.



Account Details for Bank Transfer from India

Account Name : ISKCON
Account No : 00061450000968
IFSC Code : HDFC0000006


This Privacy Statement discloses the privacy practices for ISKCON, Ahmedabad. (“ISKCON Ahmedabad”, “We” or “Us”) and how it treats the information that ISKCON Ahmedabad collects and receives, including information related to your past use of ISKCON Ahmedabad donation, products and services. This policy does not apply to the practices of companies that ISKCON, Ahmedabad does not own or control or to people that ISKCON, Ahmedabad does not employ or manage.
  1. The information collected by ISKCON, Ahmedabad.
  2. Communications from ISKCON, Ahmedabad.
  3. How information collected by ISKCON, Ahmedabad is used.
  4. Correction/Updating Personal Information
  5. Opting Out
  6. Use of the ISKCON, Ahmedabad Website by Persons Under Age 18
  7. Linking to Third Party Websites
  8. Users Must Keep Their Passwords Private
  9. Changes to Our Privacy Statement
  10. Final Statement

1. Information Collected by ISKCON, Ahmedabad

We will not knowingly use information collected on this website to others in ways different from what is disclosed in this statement. ISKCON, Ahmedabad collects information from our users at several different points on our website.
For purposes of this Privacy Statement, “Personally Identifiable Information” refers to information that can directly identify an individual; for example, such information may include an individual’s name, mailing address, phone number or email address.

1.1 Information that Is Automatically Collected

We use IP addresses, with the help of a business partner, to analyze trends, administer the website, track users’ movements, and gather broad demographic information for aggregate use. IP addresses are not linked to Personally Identifiable Information.

1.2 Information that Is Collected by Cookies

A cookie is a piece of data stored on a user’s hard drive containing information about that user. By setting a cookie on our website, the user would not have to log in with a password more than once, thereby saving time while on our website. If a user rejects the cookie, they may still use our website. The only drawback to this is that the user will be limited in some areas of our website. Cookies can also enable us to track and target the interests of our users to enhance the experience on our website.

1.3 Information that Is Actively Submitted to ISKCON, Ahmedabad

Registrations and Orders In order to donate online or order services from this website, a user must create an account and complete a registration process. During the account creation process, a user must provide contact information (such as name and email address) so that we can stay in touch with our users. This information is also used to fulfill order and registration requests. To donate online or for other service ordered, a user must provide contact information (such as name and shipping address) and financial information (such as a credit card number and its expiration date). This information is used for billing purposes, with the help of our service provider (the bank which is providing us the payment gateway facilities), and to fill users’ orders. If we have trouble processing an order, this contact information is used to get in touch with the user.

Tell-A-Friend. If a user elects to use our referral service for informing a friend about our website, we ask them for the friend’s name and email address. We will automatically send the friend a one-time email inviting them to visit the website. We store this information for the purpose of sending this one-time email. The friend may contact us at http://www.iskconahmedabad.com or go directly to http://www.iskconahmedabad.com to request the removal of this information from this database.

1.4 Third Party Advertisers on ISKCON, Ahmedabad’s Website

Presently, we do not provide any third party advertisement on our website. No third party interference is yet allowed and hence there is no question of collecting any information from third party from our website. In future, if we allow advertisement on this website with authorized permission, we will decide on the collection of private information by third party or use of cookies by third party. The necessary information will be mentioned in this place.

1.5 Information ISKCON, Ahmedabad Obtains from Third Parties

Presently website is not collecting user information from third party. Only in case of Payment Gateway, the bank (who so ever provides the payment gateway services for online transaction) collects very critical information like Credit card or debit card number, Expiry date of credit card or debit card, Credit card or debit card holders name, amount deducted from their credit or debit account and any other relevant information which is must for online transaction. These information are collected by payment gateway service provider and these information along with your contact information are stored with payment gateway service provider. ISKCON Ahmedabad stores only your contact information and amount you donate or pay for various services or products.

The critical information like credit or debit card number, its expiry date, card holder’s name, bank name are not at all stored with ISKCON Ahmedabad website, infact it is stored with the payment gateway services providers. The payment gateway service provider sends the transaction number to ISKCON Ahmedabad website on completion of payment procedure along with status of transaction (like success, cancel or error).

As ISKCON, Ahmedabad is not at all collecting credit or debit card details there is no question of storing it to the server of ISKCON Ahmedabad and using it for any purpose. These critical information is solely stored with payment gateway service provider. They also never use your card details with any third party except the bank from where they need to deduct sanctioned amount by you.

a. On Successful transaction of payment

In case of successful transaction of payment for donation, services or product the user will inform accordingly. The details will also informed via email (if proper email address provided at the time of payment). The amount will be deducted from user’s respective bank and credited in the account of ISKCON, Ahmedabad account. The user will get necessary entry in their passbook or bank statement directly from their bank. If payment is for donation, user will get income tax exemption certificate (in India only). The certificate will be provided in the form of donation slip (online) and user has to get it printed. If user want it physical receipt then it will be delivered to his contact address within two months from the date of payment online. The exemption from income tax is only granted in case of donation made to ISKCON, Ahmedabad and is not refundable on any condition. However, payment of services or for purchase of products like books etc is not exempted from income tax.

b. On Cancel of transaction of payment

If user cancels the transaction in middle of the process, the details are stored in the database and transaction of record generated mentioning that user has interfered in middle of transaction and cancels the transaction. In case of cancellation of transaction, it is possible that server might have already completed transaction and user may get the report of transaction late.

In that case:

If transaction is for donation cancel of order is not possible

If transition is for services or purchase of product than user has to enter cancellation of order procedure. This is possible by user to enter in their account by user id and password and selecting the order which is required to be cancelled. If order is already processed (for example book is already sent or services are already enjoyed ) then cancellation is not possible.

“We as a merchant shall be under no liability whatsoever in respect of any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly out of the decline of authorization for any Transaction, on Account of the Cardholder having exceeded the preset limit mutually agreed by us with our acquiring bank from time to time”.

2. Communications from ISKCON, Ahmedabad

Welcome Emails and General Correspondence. We send a welcoming email to the email address associated with the account a user has created to verify the users password and username. This process is designed to prevent e-mail addresses from being used without permission in the creation of a ISKCON, Ahmedabad account. Established users will occasionally receive information on products, services, special deals, and a newsletter. Out of respect for the privacy of our users we present the option to not receive some of these types of communications. Please see our opt-out options below.

Site and Service Updates. We send the user website and service announcement updates. Users are not permitted to unsubscribe from service announcements, which contain important information about the website and/or service. We may communicate with users to provide services that users request or to discuss issues relating to their account.

Surveys & Contests. From time-to-time our website requests information from users via surveys or contests. Participation in these surveys or contests is completely voluntary and, as such, the user has a choice whether or not to disclose this information. Information requested may include contact information (such as name and shipping address), and demographic information (such as zip code, age level).

3. How Information Collected by ISKCON, Ahmedabad Is Used

Demographic Information. We will share aggregated demographic information with our partners. The aggregated demographic information is not linked to any Personally Identifiable Information that can identify any individual person.

Communicating with Our Users. We use Personally Identifiable Information (such as your name, telephone number or email address) to communicate with our users when they have questions, concerns or comments about their accounts or the services that we provide. If you contact us, we may or may not delete your emails or voicemails to us.

Information Shared With Third Parties. We do not share your information with third party except you provide while payment transaction to payment gateway service providers.

Use a credit card processing company to bill users for goods and services. These companies do not use Personally Identifiable Information for any use other than credit card processing; however, we will not be responsible or liable for use of the information required by credit card companies in contravention of their policies, contractual obligations or general good business procedures.

Partner with third parties who provide services to our users. When the user signs up for or agrees to receive a specific service provided by the third party (i.e. PostMasterDirect advertisements), we share the information that is needed for the third party to provide the services.

Share your Personally Identifiable Information with other entities that are owned by ISKCON, Ahmedabad, that own ISKCON, Ahmedabad, or have some sort of corporate ownership relationship with ISKCON, Ahmedabad.

Addressing Legal Issues. Further, we provide Personally Identifiable Information to respond to subpoenas, court orders, or legal process, or to establish or exercise our legal rights or defend against legal claims. Further, we believe it is necessary to share Personally Identifiable Information in order to investigate, prevent, or take action regarding illegal activities, suspected fraud, situations involving potential threats to the physical safety of any person, violations of ISKCON, Ahmedabad’s terms of use, or as otherwise required by law.

4. Correction/Updating Personal Information

Users must provide accurate and correct contact information (name, postal address, e-mail address, phone number) etc. On providing wrong information if we are unable to process your request, then we are not at all responsible for the act. We provide services and product only if you provide the correct information. Due to wrong information product may not reach to your destination in time or sometime not reach at all. In that case, ISKCON Ahmedabad is not responsible and have no legal rights to provide required services or refund your amount.

5. Opting Out

Users are provided an opportunity to “opt-out” of having their information used for purposes not directly related to the services they request. Users who no longer wish to receive our newsletter or promotional materials from us may opt-out of receiving these communications by replying and typing “unsubscribe” in the subject line in the email or email your request tovnd.gkg@iskconahmedabad.com

6. Use of the ISKCON, Ahmedabad Website by Persons Under Age 18

This website is collecting payment for donation, various pooja services and products sale. It is not intended for use by anyone under the age of eighteen (18), and any individual under such age should not provide us with Personally Identifiable Information. We do not knowingly contact, market to, solicit, collect or use Personally Identifiable Information from or about any individual under the age of 18. It is possible that by fraud or deception we may receive information pertaining to children under 18. If we are notified of that we have personal information regarding a person under the age of 18, as soon as we reasonably verify the information, we will either obtain parental consent or otherwise delete the information from the account and/or service. However, the information may remain on a log in our servers. If you want to notify us of our receipt of information by children under 18, please do so by emailing us at vnd.gkg@iskconahmedabad.com

7. Linking to Third Party Websites

This website contains links to other websites. Please be aware that we are not responsible for the privacy practices of such other websites. We encourage our users to be aware when they leave our website and to read the Privacy Statements of each and every website that collects Personally Identifiable Information. This Privacy Statement applies solely to information collected by this website.

8. Users Must Keep Their Passwords Private

Users are required to keep their account passwords confidential and do not share this information with others. If you choose to reveal or share your password and ISKCON, Ahmedabad account name, we are unable to guarantee the security of your account.

9. Changes to Our Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement may change, and use of information that we gather now is subject to the Privacy Statement that is in effect as of the time of use. You are responsible for periodically checking our Privacy Statement. You may opt-out of any posted change to our collection, use or disclosure of your personal information by sending an e-mail to vnd.gkg@iskconahmedabad.com If we make minor changes to this Privacy Statement, the changes will be immediately effective upon posting the revised Privacy Statement to the website. If we make material changes to this Privacy Statement or in how we will use or collect your Personally Identifiable Information, we will prominently post a notification on our website of the changed Privacy Statement ten (10) days prior to implementing the change. The date at the bottom of this Privacy Statement is the date that the Privacy Statement is effective.

10. Final Statement

ISKCON, Ahmedabad will use your information in accordance with the Privacy Statement that is currently in effect. If you have any questions about the security at our website, you can send an email to vnd.gkg@iskconahmedabad.com

Effective date: 22nd August, 2011

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